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Jam Cruise Jam Room Live at La Cabaret Room on 2006-01-11

Topics Live concert

There was no setlist, they just jammed for 4 and a half hours.

Collection JamCruiseJamRoom
Band/Artist Jam Cruise Jam Room
Venue La Cabaret Room
Location MSC Lirica

Source (Stage) Soundfield AMS ST250 -> Sound Devices 744T
Lineage WAV (24bit/48k) -> Samplitude Professional v8.01 -> FLAC/16
Taped by Ron Keyser and Charlie Miller
Transferred by Charlie Miller


Reviewer: rokitdog - - July 25, 2008
Subject: Outstanding !
Great sound and some really fun playing, my only beef is the sax souring the sweet at times.
Reviewer: deliman - - March 7, 2008
Subject: another charlie miller masterpiece
if i could give this 6 stars i would it is great. I wish I could meet Charlie miller he has great tapings all over archive thank to you Charlie if we ever meet I am buying you drinks
Reviewer: mmuchacho - - January 8, 2008
Subject: Props to Krasno
No doubt the dirty funky sound is Krasno from Soulive (not Frazman). Krasno is amazing as well. Great show, thanks for the recording.
Reviewer: SHS Kyroshill - - August 4, 2007
Subject: If you see no other music on Jam Cruise....
.... you HAVE to be in the Jam Room latenight..... it is impossible to predict who will show up. Being centrally located on the boat, musicians happen by all the time, and can't resist jumping in. This is where you'll see East Coast performers jamming with West Coast performers. That's hard to come by anymore, with all the big festies scheduling so many acts. There's just no time left for jamming.

Tapers ROCK!
Reviewer: Corkhawk - - June 24, 2007
Subject: Superb
Have had the pleasure of seeing Kimock often living in the North Bay. This is great stuff. I'd give it a 4.9 only because of the vocal quality, but this is too good to dock a whole star. I give it a 5!
Reviewer: doogells25nc - - June 9, 2007
Subject: Makes You Wanna Slap Your Mama
Makes You Wanna Slap Your Mama, and she's a saint. I had heard of Kimock but never really checked him out, til now. Amazing
Reviewer: talkingdeads - - May 30, 2007
Subject: other guitar
Besides Steve Kimock I think the other guitar player is Eric Krasno of Soulive. This is just my guess since I wasnt't there.

Krasno's guitar has the more distorted tone while Kimock's uses a lot of reverb.

Both are amazing.
Reviewer: LmacG - - May 26, 2007
Subject: JSB
anyone who loves good jam bands should deffinetly check out -Jimmy Swift Band Live at Port Hawksbury Civic Cente
Reviewer: usefullidiot - - March 27, 2007
Subject: Kimock = Jesus!
Kimock is the recreation of Jesus...

peace not greed - corey
Reviewer: mark13 - - March 22, 2007
Subject: holy crap!!!!!
I dont know how i found this, but holy crap!!!!!!!!!
Reviewer: Slydog - - January 9, 2007
Subject: Amazing!
This was one for the ages! Check out the JPEG image files above for Charlie's complete notes on the musicians. They are quite extensive and pretty cool to see
Reviewer: ManOfMulcahey - - January 8, 2007
Subject: wow
This is amazing, just amazing. The vocals are a bit weak, but not even that can tarnish such an amzing jam sesh.

Does anyone know who the musicians are?
Reviewer: the Salamander - - December 29, 2006
Subject: Too Hot!!!!
This is one great jam session! A definite must have!
Reviewer: coltranekid - - December 24, 2006
Subject: Jamamamama
Sick S@#^t!! Go Kimock!
Reviewer: deadheaddan69 - - December 21, 2006
Subject: wow!!!!!!
the jam seems to never end a must have 4 all you freaks out there great sound 2
Reviewer: tomlgj - - December 19, 2006
Subject: Oh. My. God.
I signed up for live archives JUST to rate this. Anyone who is a real jam fan and enjoys high quality music will TRUELY appreciate this.

Great Quality.

I'm in aw. Some of the best jamming I've heard.
Reviewer: skb archives - - November 14, 2006
Subject: Guitarist?
Steve Kimock
Steve Kimock
Steve Kimock
Steve Kimock
Reviewer: RyanCurtis - - November 14, 2006
Subject: HELP!
the one that (for example) is the soloist on disc 1 track 5,

He's all over this recording, but this track is the most identifyable i think.

Thanks in advance

Reviewer: direwolf0701 - - October 25, 2006
Subject: awesome
just a phenomenal jam session - cant say enough about it - Kimock..... what can be said. the man is a genious - lots of fun in this recording - five stars
Reviewer: Makisupa McGee - - October 25, 2006
Subject: This is solid proof
that when Kimock is the master chef, too many cooks do NOT spoil the broth. these guys all played so well together.

great show and recording. very consistent throughout, but some highlight moments in d2t03, d3t02, and d4t03-04. of course, this is the kind of show that you'll undoubtedly hear something new in every time you listen...
Reviewer: Grtfl Prophet - - October 9, 2006
Subject: Sweet sounds
This is a great recording of a great performance by all that sat in, wish i was there. In case your wondering who is on the recording, just check the image files that are posted with this show, They are pretty detailed, and interesting as well.
Reviewer: sariking - - September 29, 2006
Subject: perfect jam
I can put this on at work and just let it play for hours or have it as background music when creating art at home...the PERFECT jam!!
Reviewer: beatleboy000 - - September 14, 2006
Subject: What a TREAT!!!!
I have never been on a JamCruise, but have heard good and bad things....This is definetely a GooD thing! Does anyone know who showed up to play this night???
Reviewer: dadehade - - September 11, 2006
Subject: We are not worthy!!!!!
Just listen to the first jam. If you can turn it off, please go listen to your local top 40 radio station.

The sound quality is great and the jam just keeps on going. My vote for best download of the year.
Reviewer: wvunjed - - July 3, 2006
Subject: WOW!!!!!!!!
I too stumbled upon this show by accident!!! So glas I did, leavin for a 5hr ride to Maine in 30min this should do me well!!!!!!
Reviewer: mutron freak - - April 12, 2006
Subject: reason y vocals r so low
the stage mics are set about 1 to 2.5 ft in the center of the stage in an xy pattern usually. The monitors r facing @ the band, and the speakers for the crowd were probably vocally correct. But there is typically no speaker for the vocals on stage. Hence the vocals u r hearing r from either "leakage" of speakers.
The show rocks...
Reviewer: funknjam - - April 1, 2006
Subject: I was there - It was amazing
I was there for the whole jam, second row, center stage, and totally entranced the entire time. At one point, I counted 17 musicians on stage together including one of the ship's crew on percussion. The drummer would stand up and keep the beat going with one hand while another drummer would slide in and pick up the beat from him. Closing your eyes to groove for a minute was fun because when you opened your eyes again, even though the music never stopped, it appeared to be a whole new lineup playing. JamCruise is the best thing to happen to music since Edison figured out how to record it. FunknJam.
Reviewer: chumbucket - - March 29, 2006
Subject: Wow
Do they do this every year on Jam Cruise? Wish I was there...what a killer jam session 4.5 hours come on! I am very glad I stumbled across this one by complete chance. All I can say is wow and this is my firt review after listening to lots of shows on archive.

I'm not sure of all the performers but it's a mix of many artists and the jams are right on. The vocals are very low but this one is all about the music. Listen and judge for's one of a kind!
Reviewer: Hempco - - March 7, 2006
Subject: jc
best jam set of the cruise! sounds amazing
thanks CM for uploading this gem!!
Reviewer: Getitnow - - March 7, 2006
Subject: I have Listened......
And I am trying to control myself.....This sounds freeking amazing. Thanks to Charlie Miller once again. The Notes are totally cool too. Just scribbled notes trying to keep up with the sick Jamming. Oh by the way Charlie??? How come they didn't let you let loose on the Shaker solo (for like 10 minutes) :)
Reviewer: jrdoubledown - - March 6, 2006
Subject: i havn't listened yet
but i'm already wet
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